Themes for Submissions

OPTIONS XII Committee invites you to submit an abstract to the following themes running at the Congress.

Clinical Sciences and Vaccinology

Clinical Sciences and Vaccinology: Diagnostics and biomarkers
Clinical Sciences and Vaccinology: Antivirals and therapeutics
Clinical Sciences and Vaccinology: Vaccine immunogenicity and effectiveness
Clinical Sciences and Vaccinology: Novel vaccines and platforms
Clinical Sciences and Vaccinology: Clinical trials in the post-pandemic setting
Clinical Sciences and Vaccinology: Antiviral resistance

Interdisciplinary Session

Interdisciplinary Session: Respiratory viruses in underserved populations
Interdisciplinary Session: Correlates of protection and immune responses to vaccination
Interdisciplinary Session: Epidemic and pandemic preparedness
Interdisciplinary Session: Imprinting and early life infections
Interdisciplinary Session: Viral evolution and public health genomics

Public Health and Policy

Public Health and Policy: Vaccines (including but not limited to effectiveness, impact and safety)
Public Health and Policy: Sero-epidemiology
Public Health and Policy: Forecasting, seasonality and surveillance
Public Health and Policy: Disease control policy (including but not limited to non-pharmaceutical interventions)
Public Health and Policy: Burden of disease
Public Health and Policy: Antiviral resistance

Virology and Pathogenesis

Virology and Pathogenesis: Virus-host cell interactions
Virology and Pathogenesis: Innate and mucosal immunity to infection
Virology and Pathogenesis: Adaptive immune response to infection
Virology and Pathogenesis: Pathogenesis and transmission
Virology and Pathogenesis: Zoonotic respiratory viruses